Methods for PMI PMBOK® Content Mastery

Visual. Accelerated. Effective.

Accelerate your learning process for mastering critical business information with the memory techniques you learn from PicturePerfect™. Our training teaches you effective memory techniques that enable you to remember the abstract words and concepts of sophisticated business processes in a fraction of the time that unaided learning and rote memorization take.

The PicturePerfect Method

Facilitated Visual Learning

Remembering all that abstract information is facilitated by the PicturePerfect™ methodology. The method ensures that when you take the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification examination, you will recall the information critical to earning a passing score. The PicturePerfect™ methodology is the vehicle for this mental feat. You are taught to use consonants, compelling words, and symbols to arrange a memorable story that can be recalled during the test so that you can answer the examination questions confidently. The methodology deliverables include a copy of the book, "PicturePerfect™ PMP," and Quizlet flash cards, which cover every major component of the training.

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